Compliance in the payments industry has become far more than addressing individual changes to regulation on a case by case basis.  Today, companies must adopt a total managed approach to payment systems compliance.  The business and strategic implications are critical to understand in order to respond effectively to constantly changing regulations.  We can implement strategies that reduce the cost of compliance and minimise the disruption to the business.

We have  extensive experience working with the applicable laws, rules and regulations which govern the payment systems industry. In short – we understand how the payments environment works.  We appreciate the interplay of law and association rules when structuring a transaction or business relationship, the importance of industry compliance, and the overlay of intellectual property rights in the payments world. It is this kind of highly relevant, industry-specific advice that we bring to every engagement.

We can provide advice and consultation to:

  • Ensure relevant compliance procedures are currently in place
  • Identify the critical compliance issues that need to be addressed
  • Advise you on how to develop an effective strategy to firstly attain and then maintain compliance, while reducing the risks and overall cost of compliance.
  • We can support you in dealing with the various regulators and industry compliance bodies, both local and global.